Lessons from the handicapped


Hello and welcome to another post in the poverty engineering series where I tackle the social issues surrounding wealth generation.

A while ago, I made this YouTube video pasted below. Funny thing is, I still have the same opinion today. The only difference is that now I am an interviewer/manager. Not only do I feel my statement below is still true, but I want to stress what really impressed me about this individual. I feel that the video below is good, but if I were to do it over, I would mention that anyone has the ability to impress me like this individual. I feel that this fellow had passion, enthusiasm and a level of zeal to do a good job. That is the trick!

Not too long ago, I was a server at a restaurant. In case you didn’t know, a server’s income in the USA is 100% dependent on tips. So performance is dire to earn and income/survival. In essence, the job is similar to entrepreneurship. And I noticed that when I brought these mentioned attributes above into the workplace, my tips would increase. I am no longer a server, but these same principles apply today in my current occupation. Whatever you do, do it well with great enthusiasm. This simple tactic has been an essential element toward my own personal success and I hope it helps you.

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