My Daughter is 3?!

Hey All,

As I venture down this whole parenthood path, there is a little thing that I like to do every year my kids have a birthday. That is, note what I have learned, and write out what I would like to do for the following year. Hopefully my thoughts are helpful to anyone who reads this. Also, I would like this to be helpful to my dear children who can see the impact they had on my life, and learn how I am growing right-along with them.

  • Two was a year full of firsts. We got to potty-train, our first stomach bug, and we also got a big-girl bed (even though she doesn’t use it). Within this year, my baby really turned into an understanding human. I can rationalize and explain concepts to Miriam. When she had a stomach bug, simply explaining to her what vomit was really helped her handle the ordeal. She simply said, “I have a stomach ache”. And by telling her to call me if she is in pain helped calm her down. Although I was exhausted at 3 am in the morning, I was amazed how she handled puking her guts out like a champ.
  • We are learning how to read! We bought a booked called, The Reading Lesson. I am super pumped to get started. It was important to me to use a tool that is not on a darn screen. And this book had lots of great exercises and pictures to color. I read the introduction today and will start with the first lesson tonight. I have low expectations. I will not be bummed if my 3 year old cannot read this time next year. But I will be happy if I have done my part. After all, I taught myself how to play guitar and I had no background in music whatsoever. My strategy? To leverage an attribute we all have… effort. That’s right, some of us are born with innate talents, or money, or whatever else. But we all have the ability to contribute effort. Our work ethic is the great equalizer. And I will be happy this time next year so long as I have done my part as my daughter’s parent/teacher.
  • Can I just say, my wife is amazing. She has done such an amazing job teaching my children how to be humans. I heard this next saying from somewhere, but it’s super relevant with a 3 year old. We are not raising a toddler. We are raising a small human. That being said, my wife is doing such a great job teaching Miriam; how to go to the bathroom on her own, get dressed on her own, speak Spanish fluently so she can communicate with her grandparents. It’s just incredible to see my wife transform into this amazing teacher for both my children. I am so blessed to have met her and could not do this without her. But there is more to this level of gratitude. Yes, I am thankful for my wife. But I am also so very thankful for a God that has given us a church/community/book that binds us together. Speaking on behalf of me, I would not be able to make any of this work without those resources.

Here’s to another great year!

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