Don’t fall for the hype there is good news out there!

We have a dilemma here in the states called information saturation. For instance, should one decide to be an informed citizen and turn on the “news” they are immediately inundated with fear porn from every screen or feed they see. I wish I could give you a well thought out answer on how to filter the aforementioned dilemma and add value. But I am still navigating the information revolution myself. Should I use social media, should I become a digital minimalist, should I just build a cabin and live off-the-grid and let the world burn while I tend my tomatoes… Who knows? All this plus more has crossed my mind. The truth is, we do live in an amazing time. World hunger is decreasing from what I read, literacy is spreading, average life has increased globally, infant mortality has decreased in most western civilizations, education is being democratized (read about intro to Frugal U) there are lots of reasons to be happy! But the media won’t report on the good things. It’s hard to control people when they aren’t afraid. Out of my disdain for the fear mongering that seems to be ever present, today I decided to post this picture out of protest to remind us, it’s not all bad news out there. Have a good one!

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