Success can be inevitable

We tend to show the summit, and celebrate the success rather then the dreadful days of preparation/process/perspiration/failure. For it’s these efforts that are the unromantic precursors to success. Today’s photo is a simple screenshot of the daily grind.

I have not slept a full nights rest due to an infant being, well, an infant. My test software is not working 100% as it was not designed to be taken from home, but it’s working well enough so long as I have patience. My daughter won’t eat her breakfast so she is extra clingy but at least I can cuddle while I study. I have a growling stomach as I have to choose between studying, or eating if I want to log the appropriate time but at least skipping breakfast everyday puts me in a nice ketone fat-burning state. I have failed the test prep material, and then researched the correct answers for more hours/months than I care to comment but the goal is not to be perfect, just get a little better each day. I continue to fail the test prep, less and less each time I go through all the questions, crawling oh so closer to an acceptable score in small… tedious… iterations as I learn why I got a particular question wrong.

In summary, I have listed MANY excuses for not reaching a goal. But with each negative, there can be a positive if you are willing to persist regardless of the adversity. Is this effort meaningless? No, it is the means! Success is just a consequence of daily habits.

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