Happy 2nd birthday to my first born

Better late than never. My daughter turned two over the weekend and I just wanted to use my site as a platform to share some of the lessons learned over the years. This is not a scripted post, I am just writing my thoughts as they come. Enjoy!

  • Being a parent forces one to be patient (seek help in fostering growth for this muscle).
  • The hardest part of parenthood is that I have issues denying my ego (and so will you).
  • The hardest part of our current society is that we talk to more people inside of our eco-chamber (social media) than all the knowledgeable seniors right next to us. Wisdom is different than Google search results when you are looking for an answer to a problem. Consult the local elders for parenting advice, they love to share!
  • Kids love to be young adults. Let them help you with the mundane tasks needed around the house, they want to learn and love your praise/attention. Do not just give them a screen to look at all day. That disables their brain. We are not raising consuming zombies. These are people that need to be developed through trial and error. Of course, this is inefficient but ultimately, the only way to teach them. See the first bullet point for more details.

In Summary, being a parent is not a fulltime job. It’s a lifetime job. And I love every minute of it. Happy Birthday Miriam!

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