Five year wedding anniversary reflection

This post is a simple reminder that you do not have to give in to peer pressure and spending more money (aka give up your freedom) just to cave into cultural norms. The wedding industry is a giant thief of money. Oddly enough, the number one cause of divorce is financial arguments in some studies.

I have received many weird looks over the years due to my frugal ways, and the spending choices made for my wedding were no different. And just in case you are new here, all these frugal sacrifices are for a reason: less stress, early retirement, more time with my loved ones, financial independence (FI) to do what I want, the list goes on. The compounding effect of wise fiscal choices add momentum to facilitate this desire.

So here’s the story,

Five years ago, I bought my wife’s wedding ring from a pawn shop, I bought my ring from Walmart, I purchased her dress from Goodwill, and my tux was just my work clothes with an orange tie purchased at Goodwill. We got married in a local park and spent less than $200 on clothes, rings and reserving the park.

We don’t have to consume more just to have a good time and look good. This picture is the evidence.

Happy anniversary amore.


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