Observations: to stress or to live

I have read books about books, and blogs about blogs for years now. And today, I am not going to talk about theory. I am going to remind you of the best tool we have for innovation/wealth building/happiness/insert your ideal nirvana. Spoiler: That tool is your mind.


It’s 6 am. My brain is thinking about the workout I skipped yesterday, the emails I need to respond to, the calories I need to consume so I have energy for the day, blah, blah the list goes on in my ever worrying brain. Then it happened… My wife brought my fat-and-sassy two-month-old baby in the room and placed her on the bed. All three of us snuggled under the same blanket for about a half hour. I won’t lie, while this was all happening, the demon of worry in my head was telling me that I had obligations to fill. Said demon was angry with me for not serving the great god of worry. “What was I doing laying in bed when there’s work to be done?” I’ll answer that…

I made the choice to block all thoughts of what I didn’t have control of and focus on the blessings right in front of me. Some call this contentment. I decided to enjoy the company of my family. Thus enjoying the life I somehow am blessed with. You see, this little instance of family-time is a peek into the future. This is what financial independence could look like for me. This snuggle scenario is a state of mind. But it could be more. It could be a daily ritual of family time. Perhaps I turn this into a morning breakfast with my family each day or we open a book and have story time at night after dinner. All of this is free, relaxing, and good for the well being of my child’s brain development. And it all starts with me choosing how I think then act (or snuggle with my little ham). Contentment is free. Stress is damaging. You choose how you want to live.

Happy thinking everyone!


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