Giving is a frugal gift to yourself


Just yesterday I volunteered for a 5k race at my church. We raised money for a great cause and all went well. That’s all good and great. But sitting in the shade, slowing things down a bit, and turning off my phone helped me see a few things that weren’t necessarily displayed.

IMG_20180609_064345891 My view while I was setting up the parking lot at 5:30am  

One thing in particular I noticed, most of the people in need ran at the race alongside the general population. At that point in time, we all worked together for the same cause, we all cheered each other on, our past transgressions didn’t matter. Our focus was finishing the race as one. Even though I didn’t run, I just helped manage traffic and cleanup, I was part of this team. I contributed to this event taking place. It didn’t cost me a buck to volunteer.

The experience just mentioned is counter to what the news tells us. Unlike photo shopped experiences on social media, this experience  was real. I could smell the freshly cut grass, I could see the relationships grow, Most importantly, I could see change taking place by everyone working together. No purchase has made me feel this way. What a great day.

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