What do you feed your mind?


Hey All,

I have a short one for you today. Specifically, this post is aimed at your soul. Creepy I know. But hear me out. What motivates you? More importantly, what drains your spirit? As for me, environment can play a crucial role in killing my motivational energy. At one point in my life, I was six figures deep in debt and facing foreclosure. Eventually, I bailed myself out and recovered (stay tuned for a future post).

But what fueled me to persevere when I could have just called it quits? Well, there were many factors, to be honest. Today, I will touch on one of those specific factors. For instance, changing my environment was a huge factor that contributed to my success. As an example, when I followed the habits of poor people I became poor. When I followed the habits of alcoholics, I became an alcoholic. Do these analogies make sense?

So, what do you feed yourself? In the limited time, we have outside of work, how you handle your leisure activities can play a role in your success. Perhaps we don’t have to be full throttle pursuing our goals with every second of the day. But I would make the argument, if you struggle with alcoholism DON’T HAVE A DRINK! If you struggle with waking up early, don’t stay up late or drink caffeine before bed!

Let’s assume, for one second, that there is nothing on television for us to watch. That doesn’t mean watch the garbage available to you. Perhaps you can login to The Great Courses and learn a valuable lesson or navigate to Khanacademy.org and learn something for free! In addition, it never hurts to read a book!

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In the video below, I touch on a few TV shows in modern society. Are these shows healthy for us? That is the question I want you to ask yourself.

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