Website update: Summer 2017

You know what? I haven’t done a website update before, but I figured I would give everyone access to what I have been up to in the background and show you how things work here. Hopefully, once you see how the sausage is made, you will still have an appetite. 🙂

First and foremost; thanks to all who have subscribed to the site via email and followed me on social media. The metrics on subscriptions and followers have blown up in the last 30 days. I really appreciate all your support. Please continue to comment and help guide me on how I can best share frugal related advice.

  • book update: The book is written just shy of 100 pages. I am getting the book edited. I had to not hire one editor (due to lack of good communication) and recruit my wife for some portions of the work. All said and done, my wife will be editing the book with a friend but I am also going to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to reduce the cost of spell checking and sentence structure edits. By relying on AI, I am able to save hundreds. Yes, a 14,000-word book would cost nearly a thousand dollars if I paid someone to edit it professionally. Although I am hoping this book will do well on the Amazon market, I need to reduce spending where I can simply because this is my first book.
  • House update: I have moved into the new home as of last week, and will be writing how I added 30% equity to by purchasing a repossessed home. Update: Here is said post. Why is 30% equity growth important? Because if I were to buy a home at $100,000, after 30% equity growth my new home would be worth $130,000. I could then sell that home and the additional $30,000 would go into my pocket. Keep in mind that it only took me six months to grow the value of this property. The actions I took were deliberate and I will share them in a future post. Click here to start from the beginning on my adventures in real estate investing.
  • Social Media: I would love to do a Facebook live chat talking about budgeting hacks, self-publishing frugal hacks, and frugal investing. Would you be interested? If so, please comment. I want to get a few people signed up before I do the event.
  • Health Update: Just in case you missed it, I have been doing a super healthy frugal diet to reduce my cholesterol levels. I had planned to get a physical examination in July, but I think I am going to miss that deadline. Onward march to an August physical! At the time of writing that post, I was at risk for heart disease. I need to show if my diet change rendered good results. In case you didn’t know, I am a huge reader. I am currently reading a book by the highly esteemed Dr. Thomas Sowell called Basic Economics. I have always been an econ nerd. The reason is,  I believe a basic understanding of Economics is how we can thrive as a society and also break away from the chains of the typical hyper debt-driven American consumerism. Yes, I will claim that lots of the poverty in our society are systematic. And I plan to write about ways we can avoid these traps.

As you can see, lots of good things are in the works. Thanks again for reading, and if you see that any of my content is of value, please share and let me know how I have helped. Have a great week everyone!

Highest Regards, – Joey Graziano

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