Social Media Warning: Depression is expensive


Somebody once told me that the second page of the Google search results is the best place to hide a dead body because nobody ever looks there. I feel the same way about Facebook comments. Regardless of what I once fell into, I have come to the conclusion that commenting on a controversial Facebook post is an absolute waste of time. This is because no one will really see your argument. Specifically, nobody of significant influence is going to look for your comment, and no search engine will give you credit for your effort.

Moreover, I am now seeing studies show that increased social media usage causes depression. This makes me depressed just thinking about the time wasted. Social media is designed to be addicting, do not fall for the trap. You should be rewarded for your effort instead of being a lab rat.


So what are our options?

If you have something important to say, write your own monologue about it, provide factual evidence for your claim. You are allowed to have an opinion, but it is just that, an opinion, and there is no harm acknowledging that fact. Debating people online who just want to argue is pointless simply because nobody sees what the heck you’re posting unless you have millions of followers who hang on to your words as action plans. I am going to guess that the majority of us do not have a clan of millions on standby.


But I like social media

I never demanded that we give up social media. I am just writing this post to warn you of the dangers of playing with fire. Like Fire, Social Media can be useful and serve many purposes, but it can also burn you. I would not be a Frugal Fellow If I just sat back and watched people waste their time and become more depressed. This site is about life optimization disguised in the form of frugality. Use your own judgement on how you can manage the fire that is the social media world.


Call to Action?

Instead of me telling you what to do, I am going to flip the script. Here is what I am going to do. I am going to have no debates on social media, I am going to invite people with opposing social, religious or political beliefs to my house for dinner. Instead of debates, I am going to have conversations, build relationships and listen to other perspectives. My life and success stories will be the form of protest against what I think is wrong. This blog is a journal of my lessons learned in order to help. After all, isn’t leading by example a louder form of a “Call To Action”? You decide.


Final thoughts

I actually wrote this post, a little over a year ago and took it down so that I could apply the lessons I preached. I can honestly say that since I stopped posting my emotions on my personal Facebook page, my life has been easier. At work, my relationships are more diverse, my time is better organized, my mind is more focused on my tasks rather than what the shady Facebook feed algorithm gods decided I should think about. I feel more in control of my life. My writing has been more consistent and my blog visits have increased due to this productivity. In addition to limiting my social media exposure, I have also blocked the Facebook stream and the Facebook “news” on my browser. I do not have any social media app on my phone and the limitations of social media through the mobile web browser are just small reminders that my phone and time are not tools for me to consume political rants and cat pictures from my friends. My smart phone is a tool to help me achieve my tasks with more efficiency. The smartphone makes my life easier. And I should not install any applications that go against this philosophy for that would be blasphemy against my most sacred resource, time.

After watching the video below, I knew it was time for me to complete this post. I feel healed from the social media prison I voluntarily put myself into. Please watch this clip and let me know if you can relate.

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