House update: Don’t trust your laminate flooring

Hello everyone, quick update on the house. I decided to rip up ALL the flooring and inspect the lament hard wood that was so nicely placed in the main picture above. 

As you can see, it really felt like I was destroying something beautiful when I was ripping this floor up. The good news is the sub floor (the wood under the hardwood flooring) only had a small portion of mold that could be saved via remediation.

So what’s next? Now that I have the mold removed, I am going to wait a few days and get a professional air quality inspection just to be safe. If everything checks out, I will then begin plans to lay down a new thing called LVT (luxury vinyl tile).  This material feels and looks just like wood floor, but it’s made out of hard shelled rubbery vinyl instead of wood. That means no MOLD because this is not made out of wood!

So long as I keep the sub floor surface dry I should be fine. But don’t forget, I also need to ensure I keep the crawl space dry so the lower half of that sub-floor will be safe from mold. Just so you know, if your house has a crawl space, a huge portion of the air you breathe comes from below. So, if you have a crawlspace or basement, get it inspected for mold!

That black stuff you see is mold!

 Sub-floor: What the floor looks like now.

I would have never known there was mold unless I pulled this puppy up .

LVT. Doesn’t this look like real wood? It’s great! 

This has been another entry in my Real Estate Investing series. If you’d like to start from the first post, click here

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