Ensuring stuff is only “made in America” will only ensure you cannot afford it.


Welcome to my rant series where I aim to speak my mind freely. With this series, editing will be minimal as I want to keep this topic conversational. Perhaps overtime, some of my opinions will change based on new evidence. I guess we’ll wait and see.

As I watch the political landscape I’m in awe, totally shocked at the lack of self responsibility being preached on both sides of the aisle. We are the ones who should innovate here and create products here.Our high taxes and crazy lawsuits are why it’s more beneficial to build something somewhere else. Just because China manipulated their currency doesn’t mean we suffer. It means we can buy their products for cheap. In addition, high taxes plus lower incomes are consistently being thrust upon the general population by failing political policies. Therefore, lower priced products are beneficial and necessary for survival.

Eventually, like all countries, you can only afford currency manipulation for so long. If you disagree with me, study history. In the meantime, enjoy reading this post on a foreign made device that you may not otherwise own if you only bought stuff made in Merica.

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